5 Workout Components to Success

You want to be happy and confident with your body, which means you’re ready to take on the challenge and that nothing can stop you from getting the body of your dreams.

Then you need these components to success.  

1. Be consistent

No exercise programme works if you don’t do it consistently. Follow an effective exercise programme based on your goals, genetics and level of proficiency.

2. Set realistic goals

Start small. Don’t over commit to unobtainable goals just to get discouraged if you don’t reach them. Small victories along the way will bring about big changes in your life. Breaking up goals into weekly achievable like; cutting our sugar for 7 days, or making every workout for your weekly schedule are a great starting point for anyone wanting to commit to a healthy program.

3. Keep yourself accountable

Whether you use the buddy system or make a commitment to a trainer or friend – you’re more likely to stick with it and see results. Outwardly voicing your commitment to your routine helps keep you on track.

4. Find a routine that fits your life

Working out should add to your life; not detract from it. It is not who you are; it is merely something you do, so your efforts in the gym and the kitchen should never define your self-worth.
The secret to finding balance is realising that fitness is simply a part of the broader masterpiece that is your life. Do not surround your life with your fitness goals, rather fit your goals into your lifestyle. If you want to focus on losing body fat then schedule an 4-6 week period to focus on that goal, and then take a break to focus on other aspects of your life or a different goal.

5. Be Present

Find peace with who you are right now. You will not find balance or self-love once you look a certain way. You need to find it now, then everything else will fall into place with time. Every time you train, remind yourself that it’s because you’re absolutely head over heels in love with your body.

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